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4 Mar

Hi guys, Erikatakeru here. I’m facing problems with youtube now. 😦 So, as for conclusion, I’m having this blog to list all performances from kpop groups. Well, you know youtube and other entities. If I dont do this, I might ended up having my YT account and videos deleted. All my videos in YT will be unlisted soon, linking to new YT channel. Right now, I’m in the process of uploading all the videos. Once, I’m done with the task. I will give out the link alright! Thank you for your patience. Performance videos will include from kpop group such as:

SHINee (Obviously ;D)


Super Junior [Includes other Suju sub unit, such as Super Junior-M]


Big Bang



Secret [Secret’s Song Ji Eun will be listed here too]

Infinite and more.

I allow re-uploading of the videos, but I would like to request for credits and etc. Thank you.

p/s: I wont be using real name for each performances, so, I’m hoping that you wouldnt mention in te comment box either.